Our accommodations

Cal Sabata: enjoy the house as a full house or its independent accommodations

Apart from the 3 apartments, we have the ground floor available as the common area for all the lodgings. It is equipped with a fireplace, television, a large table, playing area and a bathroom. The room communicates to the garden which is about 100 square metres. It has a porch with a table, benches, barbecue, a sandy ground, a playing house and other games for children.


For eight people, it is the largest lodging in Cal Sabata. It is ideal for families or groups, with wide rooms and a large Terrace.

La Bresca

For three people, it is very cosy and it is ready to make you feel at home despite being in nature. It is ideal for couples with children.

El Buc

For two people, it is ideal for short trips to the nature, routes, it is wide and comfortable.