L'Estany has plenty of attractions worth a visit. Strolling through this little village you will find, for example:

The Cloister and Museum from the 12th century, which have been declared Cultural Asset of National Interest.
The Romanesque Church of Santa Maria de l'Estany , attached to the cloister and the museum.
The mine, an underground gallery built between 1734 and 1737 in order to drain a lake (in Catalan, 'estany'), to which the villages owes its name.
Carrer dels Monjos, popularly known as dark street, the oldest street in town.
Carrer del Serrat, a street at the highest point in town, which offers wonderful views of the village and the surrounding area.

We are surrounded by hills, as well as red pine and oak forests, with marked routes that you can discover on foot, by bike or on horseback, such as:


  • SHORT ROUTES (1 to 3 hours): Font Canaleta, Mirador de la Serreta, Puig de la Caritat, Puig Rodó (over 1000 m high).
  • MEDIUM AND LONG ROUTES:  Ronda del Moianès (GR 177), Territoris Serens, Camí de Sant Jaume, Camí del Bisbe i Abat Oliba, GR 3, GR 77

Also worth a visit


Other activities:


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